Since the company inception in 1948, The National Moulding Company Limited (NMC) has established itself as a fore-runner in the manufacture of plastic combs, Toys and Industrial components. Its association with the Khemani family (JoshGROUP),  who has the credit of importing the first Automatic Plastic Injection Moulding Machine in India way back in 1938 – a wealth of technical know-how and experience has been made available and been incorporated in the development of Product design and engineering.

To demonstrate its Corporate Social Responsibility, in 2006 NMC set up a State-Of-The-Art Plant at Dhulagarh, Howrah, West Bengal, to manufacture B2B PET Resin at a cost of around USD 6 million.

In late 2008, NMC has undertaken a further expansion at a cost of around USD 5 million and is implementing an expansion at Dhulagarh for manufacturing UltraCLEAN B2B PET Resin, Polymeric Plasticizer and Thermoformed PET products which is expected to go on stream by March / April 2009.

While the Polymeric Plasticizer will be manufactured by the Company with the R&D Technology provided by a leading Indian University, the UltraCLEAN B2B PET Resin will be made by the technology developed by the M.D. of the Company at the In-house R&D Centre of NMC, which is recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, New Delhi.

Very recently NMC has entered into an Exclusive Manufacturing Agreement with Sen Pet (India) Ltd (formerly known as Elque Polyesters Ltd) for its entire plant capacity of 40,000 Tonnes per annum of Prime Virgin Polyester Chips (Bottle Grade) at their Plant located at Falta SEZ, West Bengal, to produce high quality standard PET Chips  (Bottle Grade).  The customers, who have earlier used PET Chips, namely SENPET, will get the same established quality standard which will be consistent in processability.

In some of the markets, the erstwhile brand of ‘SENPET’ has been rechristened as ‘JoshPRIME’ and will have the same quality standards, as both are same product.  Presently, both the brands will co-exist.


Group success, products and people are unique.



As a major supplier of  B2B PET Resin, Industrial components and parts, NMC is committed to serve the client in best possible way, all the way.

Stringent quality control in line with the management system and clean observance of the market requirements place NMC in the forefront to anticipate and react to customer’s need. 

To help improve productivity and reduce waste, the company has successfully introduced – TISM – the totally integrated system management concept. This provides the client with not only design, manufacture and supply of plastic parts, but also insight into the various superior properties of plastic over the heavier metal parts, combined with the performance guarantee of all NMC products, thereby keeping with the government policy of Resource Conservation.

 With us Quality is a way of life and Workmanship - A Tradition..... 



All our efforts are channelized into developing innovative Plastic products that meet the most demanding customer’s requirement. Such ideas as quality, reliability, service and value serve as guide ling for the Company that is constantly reaching and improving the product it designs and manufactures.

We aim to provide a service that will enhance the confidence the customer places in NMC products and its people.